A free pre-use vehicle safety check tool

Designed by the NZ Transport Agency, this system is available at no cost for any New Zealand small to medium business that has employees driving for work. It makes basic fleet safety easier to manage. More importantly, it will help to keep your people safer while driving for work.

The tool is easy to use. The downloadable app allows drivers to report their vehicle pre-use check into the custom fleet management dashboard, which is available through this website. Damage, defects and incidents can also be reported in real time.

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How does it work?

The tool is built around the Transport Agency’s own internal pre-use safety system. It has two components; an app that allows your drivers to submit reports, and a custom fleet management dashboard that lets you see and interpret what has been reported.

The system is cloud-hosted, which means that your data is stored centrally and is password protected. The only people who can see your reports are those who you give access to.

To use the system, you need an iOS (Apple) or Android device to download the app and a computer or device that can access the internet.

Reports incidents,damage reports and pre-use safety checks direct from their phone or tablet.
Shows the reports in an online viewer, Interprets the reports in charts and lets you access reports in real time

Why should I sign up?

Simply put, it will help keep your people safer while they drive for work. It will also help you to manage your fleet vehicles more efficiently, and will let you easily demonstrate that your vehicles are regularly inspected for safety defects. If you don’t have a fleet management system in place, then this tool will get you off to a good start.


How do I sign up?

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